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Asker Anonym Asks:
what happened with Kat?
jrcach jrcach Said:

(1) She’s like overbeating a mosquito that bit her. She even made a kickstarter project to collect money to file a suit against Mira.

(2) She’s accusing random YouTube users who I believe were not created by Mira.

(3) I smell advertisement from her posts.

Asker Anonym Asks:
Do you know where honeykittenmomo (Himeka??) is now? She seems to have disappear from the internet after her blog got deleted...
jrcach jrcach Said:

She’s quite active in World Otaku Mate channel.

If you’re interested in her live broadcast, July 26 23:00 JST starts

TWITTER : @himekangel34 

Seems like the worst person whom we’d better stay out from is not Kanadajin3 but KatLovesTokyo.

This year’s Silvester was a disappointment because there was no Danjiri Matsuri (festival). It has been an annual event since 2009 till 2012.

Well, a half year has passed, and Danjiri Festival revived!  

July 14th is the birthday of Billy Herrington. His pants wrestling video was the original video from which gachimuchi meme spread on Nico Nico Douga.

This year, a video was uploaded on this day, to celebrate Billy’s birthday. Danjiri Matsuri 2014.

This is a masterpiece (as always).

I like this video next to 2012 Danjiri Matsuri.

One of the “philosophers (creators)” even made a yuru chara of Billy!

Thank you! I had Hello Kitty!’s bio in mind.

"five apples tall, three apples weight"

Asker Anonym Asks:
Exactly, how many followers do you have?
jrcach jrcach Said:

A boatful of apples!

Asker Anonym Asks:
kanadajin3 said in one of her recent videos she has a husband.
jrcach jrcach Said:

In which video?

Why’d you keep tagging me in posts. Your page is about aspiring idols, I’ve no interest in being an idol so..
I tagged her not because she’s aspiring aidoru, but she has a gaijin nose and face.
What makes her think she’s exempt from being written when she seems to like gossiping other people?

What was the reult? Aedivine and Ketsuban got over 10K FB likes for the 2nd screening.

The final was held yesterday. What was the result?

Asker Anonym Asks:
Have you seen aminyan photo book sample photos?
jrcach jrcach Said:

Since you sent me this I checked for her Tumblr.

She’s cute from the front, but not from the side. It’s difficult to sell her photobooks. I’d give up even before managing her.

Ninja Joshi Kousei

Asker Anonym Asks:
How would you suggest someone with a gaijin face downplay their features?
jrcach jrcach Said:


You can make miracle on your face if you have a short nose, by “shading and highlighting”. That’s what I meant by “the binary opposition of black and white (shading and lighting).

Do the opposite. If you have a long nose, obscure the top of the nose area with highlighter. 

If you have a dent around your eyesockets, do the same with highlighter. 

Another technique to obscure a gaijin nose: strong light from the front.

Be careful, not from the side, it will accentuate your nose.

Asker enjinks Asks:
What do you think of this dance cover? /CzgZkrzNfx8 (youtube) I don't really watch dance cover but since it's a friend of mine I did, and I'm impressed by the fluidety of her moves!
jrcach jrcach Said:

I like her dance! Bravissima.

enjinks, I like your singing too.