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Someone was upset. I checked for the log.
Ninja Tools blocked someone I didn’t block; the description said it blocked because of proxy access.

Incidentally I myself was blocked two times. I checked for the log, it said it was due to access via proxy.

I didn’t use proxy… That’s an error reason unknown.

If that happens, please clear the cookie of your browser.

If that doesn’t work, clear the cache of your browser and access again.

Asker Anonimo Asks:
Yes, I deleted my cookies. It is completely fine though. I can continue to use other ways to read your blog. My phone would have been quicker access while I'm traveling but I guess waiting to read your posts is best to keep the excitement ^^ Again, Thanks so much for the help 💗
jrcach jrcach Said:

You’re welcome! Thanks for liking my Tumblr!

Asker Anonimo Asks:
Who is your favorite gaijindancer? Sorry for mistakes.
jrcach jrcach Said:

Petra and Noora are the best right now.

Asker Anonimo Asks:
What kind of songs do you think are best for idol dances? Also, what outfits do you think are best. Are seifuku's too overused and tacky in your opinion?
jrcach jrcach Said:

There’re all kinds of aidoru, you know. Do you mean professional, mainstream aidoru? Then vocaloid is out of the question. Best songs? That’d be what you enjoy dancing to the most!

Outfits: be creative! 

Seifuku: It makes me feel “Not again!”. It gives the feel as if you’re catering to men. Also I don’t like the type of seifuku “Bodyline” sells (cosplay seifuku).


I’m in the middle of trying to find out which article she claimed I wrote “I fap to Mico”.

About the “panties” thing she said it was 2012.

I’m confused. I had a lot of enemies all along…

(1) Read this link about “minimico” folder. It’s not creepy about it. I’ve made more than 100 folders to organize the pics and screenshots.

(2) I’ve never asked anyone to send their panities; nor did I sent anyone to send lewd comments or pics or anything like that.

The only pm I sent her was “who do you think is the owner of jpopdancerscottage?”, Operation Odoriko, a permission to upload her videos on NND. That’s all.

(3) I’m sorry I posted a video by milkymico as an example of clumsy dance, but it was not titled milkymico thread. Also, as I’d reapeated a countless times, you don’t need to be perfect to become aidoru; all that matters is kawaii-ness.

So, I’ve never intended to insult her. But she flipped over. I saw her lament on Twitter; that’s one of the many reasons why I dropped her out of my “ma girls”. Before that I tried to advertise her, and was looking for chances to make her dream come true (becoming aidoru).

I was right. She didn’t deserve to be aidoru.She flipped over the fact that someone might have fapped over her dances (which I didn’t by the way. Her face is not that cute to me. I needed to praise her so that she keeps doing Nico Nama).

Also she didn’t ignore criticism. She flipped over it on Twitter.

Someone criticizing her unskillful dancing is a trivial thing, compared to a SERIOUS accusation that “jrcach sent lewd comments” or “asked for panties”.

I like Japanese girls and Russian girls. Mico is several notches below them.

Repeat, I needed to make her feel happy; that’s why I’ve kept reading she was kawaii.

I chose her as a candidate because she read my Tumblr a lot; and seemed to learn from it and put them into practice.

She started Nico Nama. She began to tweet in Japanese. She started to do games with the language setting in Japanese.

I was proud of it. I thought I needed to promote her, and make her dream come true.

I tried to advertise her; I poured a lot of energy.

Japanese people don’t like her much, though her videos got into 24 Hour Odottemita Ranking.

I poured a lot of energy advertising her videos. She looked cute from distance, but the close-up shot reveals she has a gaijin face.

She has chubby cheeks. Her lips are too big, like worms.

No, I can’t fap to her, sorry!

I dropped Mozart from my squad of “Ma boys”, but he must be in it!

I listened to Prague symphony by him conducted by Harnoncourt; I’ve completely fogotten about the symphony!

I think that’s the only song I love about Mozart.

And that’s enough to make it into my squad!

Also I like to add Mussorgsky, even though I like only one song, Pictures at an Exhibition.

And that’s the only piano song I like (ah, besides Clair de Lune by Debussy).

Asker Anonimo Asks:
I don't quite understand what you think about Abbie. First you even didn't select her, but the she became one of 'ma girls'. Why? And then, I remember you said she is good in front of camera. Maybe that's why. But then why did you say you don't like her look (nose and cheeks)? I hope you understand my question! Your opinion was changing a lot about her, so I wonder how you see her now (her personality, her looks and her aspiring career). Thank you for answering!
jrcach jrcach Said:

I’d have to write a long article (articles) about her, so please wait!

Teaser (long story short),

I whipped myself a whole month to make a looooong tutorial videos for Nico Nama

—> for that, I needed to use footage from gaijin J-POP dance videos.

—> I contacted Kimonotime, Nagatopyon, Ashleydance, Abii, Ella (xnekogirls5x), aralka123, sachiecos for permission

—> I ended up using Ki, Na, El, Ar’s videos (I didn’t use Abbie’s)

—> Apart from ella whose video I used in the video, Abbie was the only person who left a comment praising it.

—> I was moved (to almost tears, no exaggeration. I tried very hard, spent so much time, took hundreds of screenshots to make tutorials).

—> At that time I was trying very hard to make gaijin J-POP dancers want to start doing Nico Nama.

—> I needed to praise them. 

—> I praised Abbie. I wrote I was a fan of her.

—> Abbie read my articles. Abbie wrote she was going to start Nico Nama.

—> I was moved (again). This time, with almost teary eyes (no exaggeration).

—> I tried to educate not only abbie, but other aspiring gaijin aidoru.

—> I needed to praise, praise, praise a lot of girls who’re interested in studyingJapanese language, and also in becoming aidoru in Japan. I wanted them to start using Nico Nama.

—> I’ve never liked her dancing to be honest. Proof, I’ve never written articles about Abbie’s dances, except at one time she sent me a question about her video’s lighting. And she sent me another question asking me my opinion about her dancing.

—> That’s all I wrote about her dancing. I took a screenshot from her video, about the article “cameleon effect”.

—> Her nose was a big problem, not only by me. But I was sure she’s going to make it if she wanted to become aidoru in Japan.

—> As I’ve written so many times, “facial expression” is important. Even average people can become super attractive.

—> On one of the first articles in which I stressed the importance of it, I quoted a video by Kerukkuma (at that time her YouTube name was Keruchu), and called it a great example of rich facial expression.

—> abbie left a like on that article, as well as on my article about choacie150 (in which I stressed the same thing)

—> I thought I educated her, and she was the best pupil.

—> I was proud of her. At the same time I felt sweetness (love), not sexual.

—> I became 調子に乗った

—> 余計なことを書いた (cabernet)

—> アビーが逃げた 

Asker milkydoctor Asks:
Hello Ahm... I'm aspiring to become a model is Japan. I've taken a few steps to research, but I'm completely sure how to go about it. I'd be truly thankful for any help. Thank you~
jrcach jrcach Said:

FW: Verdi, Wagner

MF (Center): Bach, Beethoven, R.Strauss

MF (Flanks): Tchaikovsky, Mahler

DF: Monteverdi, Handel, Puccini


ワーグナー Wagner
ヘンデル Handel
ヴェルディ Verdi
プッチーニ Puccini
バッハ Bach
ベートーベン Bethoven
モンテヴェルディ Monteverdi
チャイコフスキー Tchaikovsky
リヒャルト・シュトラウス Richard Strauss
マーラー Mahler

Asker Anonimo Asks:
Check your "My favorites" tag: 2 out of 4 are not working. Second thing that I want to say is: this blog is great and don't let angry frustrated girls bring you down. You have the power, not them. Calling you creepy, pervert? What the even hell. You have never ever even touched any girl who is throwing dangerous insults like that. Just, when somebody say that, just don't make that ask public. That's it. They can't do anything, because those things about you are just evil lies. Keep good work! :)
jrcach jrcach Said:

Thank you so much for sending me this message, it moved me to tears.

If you’re a long reader of this blog, you know I’m not a kind of person who send harassing personal messages or the ones asking for panties.

I’ve served the readers. A lot of girls sent private messages. I needed to watche their videos, a lot, to form my opinion (most of them I didn’t have interest).

People often say I’m obsessive to young girls. I NEEDED to watch their videos nilly willy.

Only a small portion of them I liked to watch.

Also, people say I’m a pedo.

I like attractive girls, and they are only a handful.

Attractive girls are attractive no matter what age.

I like Julie Andrews, even in her sixties!

I wouldn’t mind dating her if she were 15.

She’d be neither UNDERAGE nor TOO OLD, 15 to 65.

I love her, and her voice.

The same applies to aidoru industry.

If you don’t like our cultures, don’t even come aspiring for becoming aidoru.

I didn’t publish most of the slandering asks, that’s why I looked like a bully.

Asker Anonimo Asks:
I am an avid reader of your blog and to be honest; I am apparently an avid reader of your gossip thread on various sites. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe 99% of it. Its just really funny to read people say that you're a pervert because you say people as "yummy" which links to perverted stuff. I've been to Japan before as a student, and I can get why people get grossed out with the word. Tip : Try to use simple English to replace "yummy" like captivating. People can get the wrong idea.
jrcach jrcach Said:

I don’t think they don’t understand what I meant by “yummy”. They exploit any sequence of words out of by blogs, then get it out of context, clipping off the context. Also they exploit my honesty about aidoru industry, and how people really think in their minds.

Also, as you may know おいしい can be used as a replacement for a lot of adjectives.

おいしい仕事 lucrative (easy) job

おいしい経験 valuable experience

People will gladly buy croissant under orange-ish incandescent light than the ones under fluorescent light.

It’s lit おいしく.

Aidoru/model are just like croissant. Presentation is crucial.

You must be おいしく shot or lit to sell yourself.

Asker Anonimo Asks:
Part2 I dont think he harassed venus angelic, because he is clever enought to not do it, yet I would be careful about him because I think he is like a Fox, he haves 狐の目 wwww, sometimes I felt like he thinks that people are tools, china isnt very nice with their work force, He always aims for perfection, it can be very hard to work with him, he will never hire a model because many girls want to do it for free, also he can hire cheaply model, take in mind that Mr yan only wants $$
jrcach jrcach Said:

I’m sorry I didn’t get Part 1!

Who are you? Why do you know about Mr Yan so much?

It’s natural for company owners to want money, and economize labor costs.

Don’t try to make him look bad if you don’t know him.

Asker Anonimo Asks:
I deleted all the cookies of my browser, and your ninja tools keep blocking me... your ninja is out of control!! lol I had to use proxy to read your blog... I am sad u_u
jrcach jrcach Said:

In that case your user agent had an unfortunate coincidence with someone I blocked (like shaz). If you upgrade or downgrade one of your browsers you might be able to read from that computer

Or the first two numbers (the ones set apart by periods) of your IP are identical to someone’s whom I blocked.

Asker Anonimo Asks:
I don't think people understand what criticizing is, it's someone pointing out their flaws so they can improve and move forwards. yes you're a bit blunt with your criticisms but they are generally true and well based. people are just way too easily offended >.>
jrcach jrcach Said:

Thank you!

As I’ve written so many times, I’m trying to be informative.

I rarely tried telling somebody to do something, whom I dealt with in an article.

My articles are for the reades of my blog to read. Not for the people who were written about.

Asker Anonimo Asks:
Is Shiroiberry's face considered attractive in Japan? Because no offense or anything but people in the west would say she has a face like a monkey and it's not really considered all that attractive.
jrcach jrcach Said:

This message was sent Feb 16th 2013.

She has a beautiful/adorable face!

I thought she’s of an Indian descent, but I may be wrong. I didn’t dare ask her!