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ニコニコ動画をサッカー日本代表のように愛する男が、世界にNND文化を広めるべく、立ち上がった! ( ´∀`)ゞ イラッシャーイ YT→Nico Nico


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Asker Anonimo Asks:
the reason why many westerners have misunderstandings about japanese sexual appetite is a cultural difference we don't facilitate pedofiles with subsitutes such as lolicon, U15, underaged idols and child sex dolls ect. among other things some japanese comics have been banned in our countries. so the idea that a culture accepts this is unimaginable to most westerner. if teen idols existed for a older male audience in america there would be riots. just something to take into consideration- pipin
jrcach jrcach Said:

No, “if teen idols exisited for a older male audience”
This is a big misunderstanding.

They don’t even know the long history of aidoru in Japan.

They are aidoru, period. Fans support them, just like fans of Man U support their favorite players.

I’m not a fan of aidoru, I’ve never been. But I understand what it’s like.

It’s a whole different from what Western people described in Beckii’s documentary.

And aidoru culture has nothing to do with lolicon, U15, child sex dolls etc.

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