Invitation & Guide to Nico Nico Douga

ニコニコ動画をサッカー日本代表のように愛する男が、世界にNND文化を広めるべく、立ち上がった! ( ´∀`)ゞ イラッシャーイ YT→Nico Nico


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Asker Anonimo Asks:
Konnichipa! Nina there. sorry I cant log in,vI'm in spain! How is everyone doing ? Thanks for the very useful tips as always, Jrcach-san. I'm talking as a teenage girl stuck in a wota body! Idols have nothing to do with U15 and lolicon. I even think occidental fans fantasize their idols more than japanese one. When at Dempagumi inc concert, I talked with some japanese wotas. That's a lifestyle,not "fap material". Idol is the perfect girl, is the one earning your affection when everything is
jrcach jrcach Said:

thanks for this message, Nina (゚∀゚) I’m doing great, thanks(´∀`) How’s everyone?

"I’m talking as a teenage girl stuck in a wota body!"

>really? Are you looking like a wota? (゚д゚)! I think it’s a spoonerism, but I’m not sure if you really meant it (´∀`) 

Yes, I don’t want Western people to confuse “mainstream aidoru which has a long tradition” with other kinds of aidoru, which popped up recently.

Gravure aidoru is only a branch of aidoru.

Initially, magazines wanted to boost their sales. They attached the colorful few pages in front or/and at the end of magazines, with the pics of cute/sexy girls with swimsuit. Voila, the sales skyrocketed.

From where the occupation “gravure aidoru” emerged.

Sometimes mainstream aidoru do gravure, but they have choice whether to do that.

Gravure aidoru specialize in gravure modeling.

Junior aidoru, the word emerged only 10 years ago or so (I don’t know exactly).

There’re all kinds of aidoru— some proclaim themselves to be aidoru, even though they earn almost no money.

Beckii’s documentaries— probably they confuse “mainstream aidoru” with other kinds of aidoru.

They need to learn the history.